Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was making tacos for dinner and was able to watch a "concert" put on by my boys. I love this house. I had a dream I moved into a mid-century condo and was so happy to realize I was still in our house when I woke up. I never want to move, but I can't help but drool over the four bedroom floorplans next door. The "concert":
Speaking of production, baby #3 seems to be waiting eagerly in the wings. My body is sending me signs that things are probably going to be happening sooner than later. Yesterday was the first day when my Braxton Hicks moved south and started to get things moving. I could barely get to sleep as my body squeezed tight and baby wriggled around in what I couldn't discern as on purpose or out of force. This morning was super calm in my belly, but when kicks were made, they weren't in the same spot. I picture her strapping on her diving cap and assuming the position. It is still early and each day counts towards healthy development so I beg her to stay in (I pre-labored for about seven days with both boys) so we can avoid the hospital and the title of preemie! Come Tuesday (the full term mark), I will be willing. It was also funny to notice that last night resulted in a duck walk where my heels shuffle forward no matter how straight I try to keep my feet.

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