Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sushi Brownies

Everyone run, don't walk, to Iron Sushi in Newark, CA.  Our friend's family owns the restaurant and I had the pleasure of eating there for the first time.  I left the kids with a babysitter so I got to dine in peace and enjoy my superb, adult company.  They treated us like royalty and it is a damn shame I don't eat sushi!

My veggie tempura.


If only I could remember the name!

My pre-laboring is back and it is getting longer and stronger, but without a lot of pain.  My midwife comes tomorrow night for the "home visit" so she can familiarize herself with our home and plan of attack.  Andrew has been the best husband ever and has fed me fabulous vegetables and healthy homemade breads while still giving in to demands like making me that box of brownies from the cupboard that I really shouldn't have.  No judgment!  He's my king.


Skyla said...

That is so awesome looking! I am craving tempura now!

gloria scott said...

Sending you good vibes and Andrew is amazing...
keep me posted.