Monday, May 7, 2012

May Pole

The reason we headed up to Oakhurst this last weekend was so we could attend Ellen and David's friend's, Tobin and Brian, May Day party. It has been over four years since we have been out to their property. I originally wanted a hipster barn wedding at their house years ago!
The woodwork is amazing inside and out.

May Day ribbons waiting to come alive.
So many nooks to explore.
People starting to gather.
Festive people I might add.

People are now connected to the May Pole.
Tobin instructing us, Brian ready to show us how it's done.

Some onlookers (one ready for a nap).

Almost done.

Scrumptious food.  Even more scrumptious desserts.

There is a picture of us on this swing from years ago so I told Blake to take a picture so we could have an updated one.

I love their barn.

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Cynthia Barnett said...

Perfectly captured! Spring isn't spring until you have danced around the May Pole at Brian's and Tobin's. Thank you for sharing these photos!