Sunday, January 8, 2012


For months now, I have anxiously waited to see this movie:

Andrew went to bed early Friday night so I logged onto and found they now have downloadable movies in an instant (fyi, the movie crashed ten minutes in, but tech support reissued my token and I was good to go). It was so nice to watch a romcom all by myself. Why hadn't I thought of this before? One doesn't have to have anyone around to enjoy a cheesy movie! In fact, I just might watch these things alone every Friday night. Sounds divine.

We inherited a new juicer and bought lots of fruit at the Farmer's Market so we can get this thing juicing again. Too bad I am too lazy to pull out the instruction booklet and figure out how it works. Maybe there is a video tutorial online so I don't have to get out of this chair!

Mmm...fresh juice:

Blake came home from his first day back at preschool with this comment, "Mommy, we had goldfish crackers and really yummy orange juice." He kept commenting on how yummy the orange juice was for days on end. I finally figured out what he was hinting to. I never have juice in the house (why am I okay with a dozen donuts, but juice is downright evil in my mind?) and always make him fresh squeezed juice from real oranges. I am glad he has things to look forward to at preschool.

P.S. I love his new teacher and am really happy with his new preschool.

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Caroline said...

We have the Jack LaLane juicer and we love it! Well, we loved it two summers ago then it was stored away for a long time. We recently pulled it out again and I can't wait to juice again. Orange/apple/pineapple juice is my favorite! Apple/carrot is a close second.