Friday, January 27, 2012


I just joined Facebook. That means that I have been taking one too many strolls down memory lane. I had to get out some photos from my photo box and thought about looking up some college photos just for the fun of it. Dear God aging is lame! Even if I went blonde again, it wouldn't help my current situation. Now, it is simply gym time that makes a difference.

My favorite college roommate Bobby. I can't believe it was cool to wear jeans up to your belly button and wear a shirt that didn't fall below your belly button:

Andrew and I on a date to a basketball game:

He was often found riding around town impressing the girls:

I love how Andrew looks like he is twelve:

There were way too many fun photos to post (like me on my hands and knees in Mexico after some tequilla shots), but I will save those for whomever wants to stop by and look at my photo box with me.

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Caroline said...

Finally made it to facebook! Find me =)