Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thank you Google. We got treated to a night at Cirque du Soleil by Google. Buses and buses of Googlers got dropped off at the Oakland Coliseum for a night of dancing, music, and pyrotechnics. The whole place was rented out just for Googlers.

Here I am showing off what rain can do to one's hair:

They can take down a stage in 15 seconds flat!:

We saw Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. Andrew assured me that it didn't even come close to the greatness of the Cirque du Soleil he has seen. I thought the choreography came up short. They had a lot of break dancing guys, but you all have to remember that Michael Jackson always showcased 80's/90's break dancing. The current break dancing just didn't seem to fit. I also thought the Thriller section was a bit of a let down. They could have taken it one step further to make it fantastic. It was really fun to eat a whole thing of nachos (my first heartburn of the pregnancy) and a Gatorade while being entertained kid-free. Here is the promo video for what we saw:

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