Sunday, July 24, 2011


We are still having fun in life even though all of our belongings are packed away in a sea of brown boxes. I wish I could throw out all the boxes and survive with the necessities. I would miss my sewing machine and huge box of yarn though.

Our great friends had us over for a BBQ. The dessert was chocolate zucchini bread with homemade coconut ice cream. I give them 5 stars!:

Another friend took me on a wonderful trail ride. I had forgotten just how hard western saddles are. I haven't ridden western for a long time now and looked like a fool trying to manage my reins. If you find yourself in Portola Valley then head on over to Webb Ranch for some berry picking or horsing around:

The kids are still doing kid things even though 90% of their toys are packed away. Here is Blake learning to ride his bike without his training wheels:

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