Monday, July 11, 2011


We took Andrew's parents out to Alexander's Steakhouse in San Jose for a belated birthday celebration (Happy 70th David). The company was great and the conversation was wild. Definitely a foodie's heaven, for everything is exceptionally great.

The steaks present themselves right when you walk in the door:

Himachi shots ( It’s a shot glass filled with hamachi, red chili, frizzled ginger, avocado, and truffled ponzu, and you simply stir it up a bit and then shoot it.):

I love it when they pair heavy with light on one dessert platter:

I requested a peach bellini because my friend ordered one the other night and they are now my new, favorite drink of choice (move over butterscotch schnapps). They didn't have the peach schnapps so they made me a drink consisting of passion fruit and champagne. Didn't do it for me. I wonder when I will get another one of these yummy things?


Thanks Andrew for a great date night/birthday celebration.

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