Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I will start off this post with some funny toilet paper rolls:

I will now set the scene...
It was a Tuesday morning and we were all upstairs, Andrew was at work. I was packing a large box of duvets, covers, and sheets. I thought all was well.

How the scene played out...
I walked by the upstairs bathroom and saw my oldest child being a "Super Duper Pooper" and beside him was my smallest child. I stopped, gasped, and ran to assess the damages. Blake was silently giggling while Reade took bits of toilet paper and shoved it into the toilet behind him. Half of the roll was in that toilet. I finally figured out the perfect gift to give to new moms of boys. A gift certificate to a local plumbing company. Why is it that children can get so silent when they are being so naughty?

This might happen to every mom, but this happened only days after Blake dropped a full roll of toilet paper into the toilet by accident. I am sick of fishing things out of the toilet.

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