Friday, July 15, 2011


I was lucky enough to hit a few antique stores just hours before boarding our return flight from Iowa. I had the Eichler on my mind and got excited when I found this peacock wall art for $2.00. This will be the first time my husband sees this thing because I wrapped it in a bag and quickly packed it in my luggage. I don't think men understand the potential wall art has!

Strut your stuff peacock and I can't wait to find you some wall space:

I also bought this vintage seed sack from Iowa for $10. I washed it and am going to open it up and turn it into a quilt. The fabric gets so soft after laundering and I loved reading about how the women used to make their clothing and sheets out of flour and seed sacks. It took three sacks to make one bed sheet back then. Imagine faded, blue and white striped fabric around it for a farm/nautical theme.

I too will find you some couch space in our new home:


Unknown said...

Neat Peacock!

It'll go great next to the 6 foot wide "Schlitz! Go for the Gusto!" neon sign I got for the south wall of the living room to surprise you.

Shannon said...

Is that a challenge?