Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I want again. I want a farm. I want to live by the beach. I want, I want, I want. Someone stop me in my tracks. We are so lucky to have found the rental we are currently in. Why isn't that good enough? Maybe because Redfin is like crack for me. Always showing me the unobtainable, but leaving me with just enough high to make me think I could have it. Okay, I have never done crack so that might not be the feeling one gets. Moving on. Here is the current real estate I want:

2518 Great Hwy San Francisco, CA 94116

Built in 1941, 1,495 Sq. Ft.

Photos from Redfin & skbike's photostream.


Evil Shenanigans said...

You and me would be great online real estate shopper buddies. I love doing this too, and so many things are out of my reach. :)

Unknown said...

Thats pretty awesome. Lets do it.