Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday(s)

Happy Birthday Reade and Happy Birthday Nana. My son and his Great Nana share the same birthday. I couldn't resist throwing them a joint birthday party to honor a baby turing "1" and a great woman turning "90." It was so fantastic to have family and friends around to share in the fun.

My Nana means the world to me and has always been a great example of what a strong woman can do in life. I am sure those traits will be passed on to my son so he too can do great things in life, as well as relate well to strong women. I loved tucking my son into bed tonight with the gut feeling that he will be marvelous in life. Maybe not at all times, but on a whole I just know that he is going to be part of some great things while entertaining those around him. Maybe his red hair will be enough to elicit some good conversation.

Time for song...

Nana blowing out her candles:

Reade blowing out his one candle:

Happy Birthday to two very special people in my life!

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