Friday, April 22, 2011


The last month tuition, deposit, and materials fee are in so my child is officially enrolled in preschool. This preschool is the perfect fit for us and Blake ran around like a chicken without a head when we dropped off his enrollment packet. He went so crazy he ended up taking a nap at 11:30am that morning after we got home. Good sign! The teachers are great, it is play based, and the majority of the day is spent playing in two, huge play areas. Oh, and they have an animal farm section. This preschool costs less than the majority of the ones I visited. I do have to drive 15-20 minutes each way, but hopefully it will be worth it?

Montecito Preschool here we come:

The original sign made by the father who founded the school. Their daughter now runs the school:

Each schoolroom looks like a little house/cottage:

They have an aviary, chicken coop, and iguana enclosures. The iguana went to a lizard rescue so they are trying to figure out what fun, farm animal should take its place:

August 23rd will be an exciting day around here.

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