Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slow Fall

I already feel like November is slipping away. There are still bats on the wall and other spooky things that need to find their way back into the orange and black box for the attic.


* I found the blog Tree Fall Design while looking up quilt ideas in the wee hours of the morning (during my once a night feeding!!!):

* Ran 2.2 miles this morning. Should have been 3.1, but who is counting anyways?

* Ran errands with the kids.

* I had my first play date with other local mommies after joining the local parent's group website PAMP. I emailed another PAMP member and once we saw each other at the park we had to laugh because we met each other about a week back at a different park. Now we were scheduled to hang out. Funny.

* Before nap Blake said (in regards to the little girl he had the play date with), "I like Emily. I marry her like dah-wa (his word for daddy) and mommy." Let's just say I wasn't quite prepared for that statement. I am also willing to forget he ever said it. Moving on now...

Oh, and last night Blake stopped playing, looked over at me and said, "Mommy, I hear you pee-pee when you are in the bathroom." That was so weird. Feelings of voyeurism, lack of privacy, and fact checking all ran through my head at that moment.

* Sewed and re-sewed some pillow covers while the kids napped

* Played with the neighbors in the court

* Made homemade pizzas

* Voted at 7:50pm. Ten minutes shy of the cut off time.

I am exhausted. Time for bed.


Danika said...

Gold Star for Shannon! - I just got tired reading all of that... :)

Steph said...

Shannon, this PAMP group looks awesome. I just checked out their website, and they seem to have great events, community services, and other fun/useful ideas. It gives me another reason to want to become a parent in this area :)