Monday, November 1, 2010

31 Days Behind Us

Yesterday's Halloween story:

Blake carving his pumpkin:

Andrew helping his situation along:

The finished squash (Andrew's easy face, Reade's robot pumpkin, and Blake's bone eyes pumpkin):

Blake was so excited for trick-or-treating he didn't even take a nap. Instead he sang at the top of his lungs for an hour or so in his bed. We figured it was good to have some quiet time, but there was no such thing as quiet in his room. Needless to say, he conked out in the car on the way out to Dublin. He wears Andrew's goggles all the time because he wants to be a swimmer just like daddy:

Eating a great pot-luck dinner before trick-or-treating. I loved that Peter and Skyla dressed up (Peter's horn nose got in the way of eating so he took it off). They inspired me to at least attempt something fun next year:

Getting ready. Blake and Reade were robots. Blake took his hat off two seconds after leaving the house so everyone kept calling him an astronaut:

Blake the robot:

Everyone kept calling Reade a bug:

Starting out. The kids all look confused:


Blake got "so so scared" by the boy without a head! He wanted to call it quits and wouldn't go near anything remotely scary after that. He held Andrew's hand the rest of the way and needed to be carried at times. It is only a matter of time before Blake becomes this guy and freaks out other small children:

The kids did great and it was fun seeing them get ready for the night, brave through the night, and run around hysterical at the end of the night. We all slept in until 8am so I consider that a Happy Halloween!

Goodbye October and hello November.

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Unknown said...

I'm left with a big smile on my face after seeing all the Halloween fun. On to the next big fun event.