Monday, November 30, 2009

We Gave Thanks

We are back from a great Thanksgiving holiday trip to Oakhurst. The weather was great and the company was better. Paul and Sandy bought a home (hitting my head, why didn't I take pictures?) so they spent all their time ripping up carpet and washing the windows. The people before them hadn't cleaned their house in 8 years so they have their work cut out for them. The best part about it is that Paul and Sandy are tackling this great project with smiles on their faces. You can't say that family doesn't work hard.

Onto the pictures...

Blake and Mia watched the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade together. Poor Mia always had to protect her glasses or hair from Blake. He sure loves her though:

Ellen preparing the turkey:

In she goes:

Ellen and David's neighbors, Casey and Ted, joined us for the feast. She just passed the bar and is practicing law in Oakhurst and Mariposa while Ted restores historical buildings. I put him in charge of coming up with a first name for our baby that has to do with woodworking. No names came from the discussion considering they tried to pick the most obscure words they knew:

Blake loved all the food:

Boys will be boys:

Mia waiting so patiently:

After dinner comes dessert:

What goes with whipped cream?:

Pies! Here is my pie before the top sunk in:

Pumpkin and apple pie. I discovered the two are delicious when eaten together:

Uncle Paul not understanding the fun of blogging:

I am so thankful for all we have and each day I try and remember this.

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