Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Garden

I am back to report that my "early fall" garden did not produce any pumpkins. What a surprise! My mom said gently, "Maybe you weren't meant to grow pumpkins." As much as I should heed my mother's advice, it has now become some inner competition with myself to produce a pumpkin someday!

Here is my second chance at growing something in my mini garden. I planted Erin's hollyhocks in each corner to encourage Holly to grow big and strong. My brussel sprouts have been the same size for a couple of months now. Two carrots have survived and might just make it to adulthood. On the right side of the garden I planted spinach and the back row consists of swiss chard. Good luck plants:

Of course I had to buy some orange flowers to give my backyard that fall touch:

Toddlers love wearing their parent's gardening shoes:

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