Friday, November 13, 2009


I love Fridays. It is the day of the week that I don't feel any pressure to get much done. My productivity level during Monday through Thursday is nothing to get excited about, but there is a sense of obligation. I can proudly say I cleaned my upstairs bathroom from head to toe for two weeks in a row now (it is true that more often cleanings help keep things from getting to dingy). Anyways, to my point. Today is a half day where everything seems half finished and because it is Friday, I like it this way.

Thanksgiving banner - half finished:

My new knitting project, toddler mittens - half finished:

How nice Fridays are. Last night, my son tried to take off his own clothes to use the big potty. I took this as interest and bought him a potty seat. He went pee-pee three times in a row and then I told him we needed to take a break because I was afraid he was going to give himself a hernia. Then he shook his head when I put his diaper back on. I asked him if he wanted big boy underwear and his eyes said yes. Hmm, I guess this might be our new adventure.

I really want to make these:
They are from the website:
The pattern is from this website:
But do I really have the time???

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