Thursday, May 8, 2008

So What If I Am Cross-eyed Today

So Blake has put on a few ounces and crosses his eyes frequently. Things only family and friends can admire. Blake also wants to thank his Auntie Amy for giving him his first funny t-shirt. We will all look back and say it was sooooooo 2008 to wear slogan t's.

I got another bee in my bonnet! I keep pressuring Andrew to say yes to buying an Eurovan. There is a great used one in Santa Cruz that I hope to test drive this weekend. Anyone who wants us to buy a hippie van say aye.


Caroline said...

Wow, Blake is really growing up...and filling out =) He must be a great eater!

I'm all for the van too! Aye!

Anonymous said...

Eurovans are the Shiznit! You should totally get one. I'll even come by and do some graffiti daisies on it for ya. No Charge!

Shannon said...

Carl, I am going to take you up on that if you promise to throw in a peace sign.