Friday, May 9, 2008

Extra, Extra Read All About It

Today, Blake will make his way into hundreds of our neighbor's homes. I will not deny selfish motives, but my main reason for telling our story is to educate those around us about midwifery care. When Blake was born I told my midwife and her assistant I was going to become a homebirth advocate. I promise I am not going to go door-to-door soliciting people, but rather tell my story to those who want to listen because I think it is pretty sweet. The article had a few typos (why don't they ever check the facts?) like his birth weight and what area of town we live in. Also, the article left out Treesa McLean's name. Both Rosanna and Treesa are valued deeply so I will have to find a way to give Treesa her credit.

You can read the article at:


Hurstmom's Blog said...

Hot Dog..barely a month old and already in the paper.! Great article.

Caroline said...

I think it's so great that you guys got your story in the paper. Great article! Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to read it this weekend when I saw you. Crud nuggets.