Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing Up

Here is Blake posing in his best baby pose.

I am always bugging this kid with kisses and hugs. He told me he was ready for some independence. I talked with my midwife about introducing a bottle of my milk so I can someday leave him with Andrew and go to the gym and she said now is the time.

So last night Andrew gave him his first bottle. He sucked it down in record time and I had to finish feeding the guy. This guy can eat! I am excited to maybe leave tonight and get my hair cut while Andrew plays Mr. Mom at home. As much as it was hard to give up all feeding control, I know it will give us more flexibility in the long run. Bottles will be on an "as needed" basis as I am planning on breastfeeding Blake until he is at least one year old (then on to the next kid!). Andrew is a super dad and enjoyed his time in the spotlight.


Anonymous said...

Andrew- Which camera are you using for your photos of Blake? They are very crisp and I have been taking a lot of photos of little ones lately, but the photos are not as clean looking. I am looking to upgrade.


Andrew said...

The top two photos in the story are taken with a d70 thats about four years old. The lens on for those photos was with a 105mm macro lens (link below) that I got from Shannon's grandfather. Its an awesome lens, but because its not zoom and its 105mm you need a bit of room to play.

Also in those photos I had an SB-800 flash attached to the camera and set up to bounce the flash off the ceiling. That gives a nice even light without the harsh lines you get when you use a flash sometimes.

The bottom photo Shannon took of me and Blake was taken with a canon powershot s400 I got about 5 years ago. Thats also the same camera we use to take all of our movies that we put on the site.

In terms of cameras, there is a huge range depending on how much you want to get into taking photos. The d70 with large lenses and flash take great photos, but its a ton of stuff to lug around (I have a big backpack for just the camera and stuff). Some smaller cameras take really good photos as well and are much easier to carry.

105mm macro: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/105af.htm

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am looking to get into photography since I will be a bit bored on my own in Salem. This will be great stuff for me to start my research on.