Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mamas Day

Here is a toast to all of those mothers out there. I now know how much work it is to bring those cute buggers into the world! Andrew has spent the last two days spoiling me head to toe on Blake's behalf. Yesterday, we went to Santa Cruz for a day of: walking around the Boardwalk, test driving Eurovans*, and enjoying the great weather at the beach. Today, he made me breakfast and surprised me with some beautiful tulips. What a great dad. I will have to up the ante for Father's Day. Here are some pictures from baby's first beach trip with a video of Blake being dunked in the ocean. Enjoy the day.

*We did not end up buying a Eurovan. The dealership we went to was very shady and when Andrew went over 3,000rpm the engine would cut out. Anything he touched in the Eurovan seemed to break off and fall to the floor. We haven't sworn off Eurovans, but we saw an older Vanagon on the side of the road for sale and have now decided to look at older Vanagons to trick out. The search is on. For those of you who didn't know, Andrew drove a Vanagon when I first met him.

The only gift I wanted for Mother's Day was a photo taken of the three of us in one of those photo booths at the midway.

Blake is about to grow out of the sweater I crocheted for him. They grow so fast.

What a great first day before Mother's Day

Here is the video of Blake touching the ocean for the first time. Hopefully it will inspire Blake to want to go surfing with his daddy. Maybe you will see video footage of Blake's first surfboard ride on Father's Day.

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