Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Soft Goodies

Today, I finished another round of sewing projects. We had another prenatal appointment on Friday which went well. I have round ligament pain in my right leg, but besides that everything is how it should be. My midwife and her assistant felt around trying to see if they could feel the head versus the rump. I guess Blake has a few more weeks of growing before they can really tell. He sure tried to get away from the probing hands by hiding near my back. That wasn't very comfortable! Since we hit the 30 week mark we will now start having prenatal appointments every two weeks. We talked about getting all of our layette supplies handy and my midwife's assistant said that I could buy a few yards of soft, cotton flannel at the fabric store and sew the edges instead of buying expensive receiving blankets. For $6 total, I now have three new receiving blankets ready to swaddle Blake in on his first days.

blankies 2.jpg

My crochet group had a yarn swap the other evening and I acquired some brown, fluffy yarn. I didn't know what to do with it so I just started crocheting a big square. When I ran out of yarn I figured I could buy some blanket binding and sew and edge on it for a lap blankie. Here is the finished product.

blankies 3.jpg

blankies 1.jpg

I know my poor child is going to be sick of brown, cream, green, and blue by day two. I have some adorable, colorful fabric coming in the mail soon that I am going to use for his Moses basket. I am still holding out for just the right fabric to make the bumpers for the bassinet.

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