Friday, February 15, 2008

Swollen Ankles

I still love New York, but my ankles are getting a bit tired of walking around everywhere. I think Blake may be looking forward to some down time when we get back. Tonight marks the end of my five day whirlwind through Manhattan and the neighboring boroughs. I am looking forward to visiting my friends up in Cold Spring (an hour north of Manhattan by train) for a day on their farm. We will meet up with some friends and eat lunch before heading back to Green Chimneys School where I was an intern back in 2000. My body is begging for a break from the busy city and what better place to visit than an organic farm!

Here is what I have done since I last posted:

1. Bought an umbrella at the Duane Reade
2. Took the subway into Queens and walked ten minutes in the pouring rain to the Queens Museum of Art. It was great to learn all about the World Fair.
3. Went back to Manhattan (it had stopped raining thank goodness) and visited a famous children's consignment shop. It wasn't as great as the reviews.
4. Met up with Andrew and ate yummy Japanese food in the East Village, of course stopped by a pub for some beers, and then hit the Dunkin Donuts on the way home for some glazed Munchkins.

1. Met up with Skyla's sister Cammie in the Upper West Side.
2. She took me all around and showed me where to get the best bagel (it was superb). We then hunted around for the best chocolates and other delicious goodies. She is a good thrift store guide also.
3. Parted ways with Cammie and headed down to the Union Square area to check out the neighborhood/thrift stores. By the way, I pick out a few thrift stores as my starting points and then wander around the neighborhoods. Less fattening than hitting all the Dunkin Donut shops.
4. Andrew and I got ready for our Valentine's Day cruise on the Hudson.
5 Had a blast on the V-Day cruise
6. After eating a fabulous meal and a chocolate cake dessert, we stopped into a Papaya King and ate a corn dog. We don't know what possessed us to do that, but it was very yummy.

1. Almost didn't make it out of bed, for my legs and unborn child screamed out for a day of rest.
2. Hopped on the subway to check out Brooklyn
3. Wandered around the Carroll/Smith street area of Brooklyn
4. Ate the best lunch ever at a little French restaurant
5. Lost track of time so I missed my appointment to tour the Apollo Theater in Harlem
6. Rode the subway back to Manhattan to visit Harlem. I went into the lobby of the Apollo Theater, but I am a bit sad I didn't get to tour it. Harlem is great and I wish I could have spent more time there.
7. Met up with Andrew for dinner at another brewery/restaurant. This time I had fun with it and made us eat buffalo. I guess they are working with the American Heart Association and are running some February campaign where buffalo is a healthier alternative to beef. I got the buffalo mini burgers and Andrew got the big buffalo burger. They were yummy and tasted just like beef. Blake liked it too.
8. We went to MOMA, but it was 7:50pm and it closed at 8pm so we just wandered around the gift shop before calling it a night.

Here are the pics:










Please excuse any grammatical errors since I am writing this at 12:49am and am delusional from walking for five days straight.


Anonymous said...

You guys look great. Try my favorite restaurant in NYC: Bouley on 120 West Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a foil purse or did you get your food packed in one? Maybe it is just a shiny purse, I don't know. Maybe I should give New York a second chance because you make it sound like so much fun!