Wednesday, August 7, 2013


My sporty shoe hunt led me to some Jordans.  I had planned on buying cheap trainers (as the Brits call them), but even the cheap, ugly shoes (seen here) at Payless Shoes were $35.  So I walked into Finish Line and found some Jordan Ace's on sale.  Good enough.  I played basketball and was in love with Scottie Pippen and would never have been caught dead in Jordans.  It is 2013 and I now miss Jordan and Pippen.  I felt this was a learning opportunity.

So today, we revisited the past.  Can we all celebrate what Jordan was and how there might not be a player like this again in my lifetime.  I hope so, but I bet not.  He was so skinny and pure before the days of big time doping.  Don't get me wrong, I love myself some artificial muscle, but gone are those days!  I love, love, love how these guys played:

After watching this video, Blake asked, "Is his bones hollow?"

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