Saturday, June 2, 2012

Start Stop

{regarding yesterday}
I took the kids to the park so I could walk around once I started having some contractions.  I wanted to get things rolling and was happy when the contractions were getting a bit stronger.  By 2pm, they were coming with pain and it was hard to walk around.  By 5pm, they were super painful and I was on top of my bed crying through some of them (I love those hormonal cries that just squirt the tears out without much emotional connection).  Ellen and David came over for pizza dinner and the contractions slowed down and became clustered.  The kids were shipped off to Grandma's for the night and then everything slowed down to a halt around 9pm.  My midwife came by to check on me and all was healthy and happy.  She said she would encourage baby to stay in until 38 weeks for good lung maturation.  She also says that I am not "pre-laboring" like other women do.  My body is doing this 3pm-9pm daily routine.  Time to throw a penny into a wishing well and hope that all of us can muddle through the next 17 days (my true due date) without going bizerk.

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