Sunday, June 3, 2012


There is so much to say today.

FIRST!  Happy Birthday to my sister.  She probably won't see this for a few days, but I am trying to wait until a reasonable morning hour to call her.

I finally finished a "welcome baby" gift a year after baby was born.  Better late than never.  I started a quilt a long time ago, but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped for.  I love the birdie print so much.  I included shorts from Carter's since I hate dealing with elastic.

We went to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival yesterday and I was super excited to pop into the Goodwill and check out their baby selection.  I got two dresses for $4.

A big thank you goes out to Erin for these adorable air plants from Robincharlotte.  They are so delicate and small and I can't wait to find the perfect place for my three little creatures.  You rock Erin and they definitely represent the three kids I have a the moment!

Baby update:  No more contractions.  I now have this pain (like a runner's cramp) in my side and am trying to get that to go away.  I am going to call my midwife tomorrow if it persists.  Everything seems so difficult (walking, going to the bathroom, just sitting) so I took a bath to try and calm my body.  I feel so edgy and impatient and know this could go on for a while so I better figure out some relaxing tricks.  Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Co. called (yes, I am on their call list) to let me know they have rootbeer flavored fro yo today.  I think I will start there for a sweet treat that always brings happiness.

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Unknown said...

Yay, I'm so happy you like them! I hope they grow as beautifully as your babies :)