Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 3

My stuffy nose turned into a full blown cold today.  So much for keeping baby healthy.  My midwife came back today to check in on baby and mom.  She says Piper is doing great.  Hopefully, I will have some immunity to shorten the duration of what would be a normal cold.  The kids came back home this evening and both of them are smitten with their baby sister.  Blake is so much more maternal than I thought he was going to be (yes, friends who told me he has gotten to that age were correct!).  Reade thinks she is a rubber toy just for him to bend, poke, and tug on.  I need to watch him closely around her big toes.

Here is my cabbage patch kid:        

Wearing a dress for the first time:

Blake and Reade enjoying their first day with Piper:


Aunt Shirley said...

Ohhh, how cute it that. What a beautiful family. Andrew - This has got to be the best Fathers day ever. Did you have to change diapers today???

Unknown said...

I haven't had to change diapers yet :)

... well, not Piper's. Reade's I get all the messy ones.