Saturday, February 11, 2012


I caved. I took the boys to Thrift Town in Fremont so I could pick up something *secret*. I found exactly what I was looking for, I love that thrift store chain, and thought I might as well check out the baby girl stuff while I was there.

Some My Little Ponies made their way home with us. I love to watch Reade brush their hair in his not-so-gentle boy way. Here they are after I brushed their hair and wiped them down with a Clorox wipe:

This jumper was so fun to find because I love the brand (Loved Baby) and at 99¢ I knew I was getting a deal ($18.00 retail price):

And who can resist some diaper covers (will or will they not fit over the tiny cloth diaper?) at 29¢ each:

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