Monday, November 7, 2011


The surprise is out! I got to host a friend's baby shower yesterday and it was super fun. I decorated in a travel theme since this baby comes from a Brazilian mommy and a German daddy.

The back of the invitation envelope:

The invitation:

The inside (the top being a German passport stamp and the bottom being a Brazilian passport stamp):

The snacks were divine:

The cakes even better (It was potluck so everyone brought something yummy):


Decorating was fun:

Baby gifts are so new and adorable:

These were just my pictures before the party started so forgive me for the lack of baby bump pictures.


Allen and Angie's professional photos just went public. I thought I would share them here because my pictures did not do the wedding justice!

The venue:

David being the officiant:

The awesome wedding party:

Bride and Groom looking so fabulous:

Aunt Shirley still adding wild to the party even on crutches:

Boy did we dance that night away:

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Steph said...

I can't believe I only saw this post now. The baby shower was awesome! :)