Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I ran my first 5K last weekend. My friend Lisa, shown below in roller derby garb, signed up to run with me so we went to watch her Roller Derby bout the night before the big race. Roller derby is really entertaining and full of surprises. Go Sacrificers!

The action:

Ready for the race:

I started in the very back. My iPod died so I had to run without my Justin Bieber encouragement (wah!):

That race was tougher than I had imagined. There were rolling hills the whole time. Palo Alto is super flat so I am proud I ran the whole thing without walking. Lisa finished first in her group and third out of all the women (0:25:29). I finished with a time of 0:37:54. That slotted me as 94th out of 140 people total. My goal was to run the whole race and finish before 40 minutes. Two goals accomplished! I never want to run again:



Good for you Shannon I always loved running now I just jog/walk.

Evil Shenanigans said...

You did great! Even without Beiber! I did get my medal on Friday, which was great.