Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spa Day

Today was Andrew's day. It was his last weekend on-call before he switches teams at work. After paternity leave, he will say goodbye to the great SRE's of Google and head towards Gmail. Typical on-call weekends bind Andrew to the house because he has to be within three minutes of a reliable internet connection so he can respond to his pages. Sometimes we all hang out around the house and sometimes I just up and leave Andrew in charge of Blake for big chunks of the day so I can get some things done. Here are some goodies from his day with Blake:

Picking our sad, sad carrots from my garden. I responded, "I have a garden?" when Andrew told me he was going to take Blake out back and start cleaning up the backyard (Andrew has had enough of the rain and wishes it was summer already):

Then while I was gone, the two of them baked brownies together. My grandmother and mother always made such a fuss about not licking batters because of the chance of death related to raw eggs. Andrew has always laughed at my fear, but I still won't eat batter! Thank goodness for daddies because otherwise, Blake would never have any fun.


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Evil Shenanigans said...

I agree with Andrew. Lick all the beaters you want. I do.

Skyla said...

Aiden walks in the room and goes "what are those? Deep fried carrots?" You know because we eat those all the time right?