Monday, March 29, 2010

The After Party

Well the party is over, but the excitement still goes on. Here is Blake with his stack of gifts:

Grammie suggested opening gifts before having cake so Blake was in present heaven:

Nothing like a double chocolate birthday cake with a motorcycle on top:

Last night I woke up at 12:30am with some painful contractions. I didn't want to wake Andrew so I tried to breath through them quietly. At 2am, Andrew sat up in bed, looked out the bedroom door and said, "There is the little man. There is a proxy with the little man." It kind of freaked me out so I told him I was having some painful contractions that were every two minutes. He called our midwife and she said to call back at 4am if they were still happening. 4:00am rolled around and my contractions were still the same so Andrew called the midwife back and she said she was on her way to check me out. I told Andrew I didn't want to make a fuss and that everyone should go back to bed. Andrew woke my parents up and they all started preparing the room for a home delivery. All I could hear was a buzzing of activity and I told Andrew that everyone needed to slow down and chill out. Rosanna checked me and said she thought it was false labor and that my cervix hadn't changed. I was relieved that I got to go back to bed and ignore this whole thing. My contractions stopped then and there, but have since started up again (very mild) just as I write this post.

My parents stuck around today just in case and are heading back this evening. Andrew's parents are headed our way to see off Jessica (she is flying to Australia for a new job this Wednesday) so Blake has been enjoying all the attention.

I really feel like it will be a few more days before real labor sets in, but all the experienced moms around me tell me that second baby labor can turn on a dime quicker than I may anticipate. By the way, Andrew just admitted that he had been dreaming that babies were being sent down tubes to be born! Hilarious.

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