Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blake's 2nd Birthday

Today is Blake's big day. He is two years old and proud of it. I wanted to throw a party, but with baby #2 coming sometime soon I decided to go easy on our family and keep it small and quaint.

He helped put up his birthday banner:

I wanted to do something special for his day so I called up the Palo Alto police station and asked if Blake could see a squad car with its lights and sirens on. We ended up getting a great tour of the station as well. I enjoyed seeing the dispatch room the best (it looked a bit like NASA to me).

Blake getting a police car pin with flashing lights:

I loved the random police tape:

Checking out the squad car:

Oh, how great it was to be that close to police motorcycles:


Blake large and in charge:

Yesterday morning I woke up with contractions at 3am. They weren't painful, but they reminded me of when I started pre-laboring with Blake. Here I am sitting downstairs at the computer just contracting away at 4am. They were every 15-20 minutes, but nothing major:

There were a few more right before bed, but my night was peaceful and I haven't had a contraction since. This is a relief because the closer I can get to my 37 week mark, the better. So now I am trying to take it easy so baby can stay in as long as possible. My body still aches in a pre-laboring way and I feel like baby #2 is being propped up smack dab in the middle of my body. I just hope the little guy is packing his bags and getting ready to join us for a life adventure.

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