Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going On and On

Yesterday was a quiet day in pre-labor land until Andrew called to have me pick him up at work. As soon as I got in the car my abdomen started doing its thing. They aren't contractions, but every muscle gets to work and starts squeezing the baby and sending pains down my sides. I remember this happening with Blake's birth too. Andrew is a good influence I guess. So from 5pm until 2am I felt lots of muscle pressure with contractions here and there. This morning I feel like I got run over by a truck, but that is good news I guess. When baby #2 kicks it is in the center of my body instead of the sides. Work your way down guy. We have gone back to liking the name Beech Wright Hurst. I like that it sounds like the beach, but also stands for beech wood. I know my father doesn't use beech wood that often, but it would be fun to say Blake and Beech.

I decided to start some Easter crafts yesterday at 4pm. The idea came from the blog listed below. They are our chocolate bunnies:

The original picture from the website where I drew my inspiration:

Today is a busy day so I am going to try to rest in between the activity:
AM: Celebrate my friend Megana's birthday with some brunch treats (Happy Birthday Megana)
PM: Andrew's parents arrive to stay with us for a few days (Jessica's flight leaves tonight)
PM: Blake has his 2 year check up at the doctor (sorry you have to get shots kiddo)

Fun, fun, fun!

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