Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On The First Day Of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

One Gronsaksgratin:

Andrew has Finnish roots so I have decided to make one Finnish or Swedish food dish each day until Christmas (except when I am gone). Last night I started things off with a Finnish vegetable casserole. Yummy. What I liked the best is that the sauce is made up of the veggie water left over after steaming the vegetables. Finally, my baby in utero is getting some nutrition.

When we got back from Oakhurst we decided to eat at a little hamburger joint up the street. Andrew said it would be fun to get our Christmas tree on the way home. I had visions of cutting a fresh tree down in the Santa Cruz mountains, but Andrew pointed out he will be on call the weekend after I get back and there is no way to get down there after work. So we hit up Grandpa's Christmas Tree lot and found the tree of Blake's dreams. So far he loves running up to the tree and using a "one finger touch" to explore the ornaments.

The restaurant caused some guilt because I fell in love with all the cow babies on the drive home. I guess it isn't time to be sympathetic when a pregnant woman and her husband crave bacon cheeseburgers:

Suburban glee:

Okay, Blake is truly addicted to jumpy houses now. Our culture at its finest:

Our newest family member awaits the drive home:

I decided we are going to have a gnome theme this year for Christmas:

Let the Yuletide begin.

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