Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before I Go

Some swedish oatmeal cookies. The almond extract made them taste so yummy.

Throughout each day I spot so many fun things I want to blog about. Too bad everyone ends up seeing pictures or videos of my kid. I promise I will bring home fun photos of Cape Cod and not just photos of Blake being in Cape Cod! On with the Blake show:

(once you click the play button you might have to click on the beginning of the video timer to get it to work. i don't know why this is?)

Blake's first, fast ride on his father's skateboard:

Now for some scooter fun:

I desperately needed to start exercising again. I attached the bike trailer to my bike and if I need to go somewhere within a four mile radius I make it a point to do it on the bike. Today, I took Blake to a local park. Fall is my favorite time to exercise outside. I like that my lungs get filled with cool air and I don't get all sweaty.

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