Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cape Cod Revisited

I had to hold off on showing some pictures from our trip to Cape Cod because we made Elaine June a memory book and we didn't want to spoil the surprise. Now that they have the book I can post the pictures.

Here we are visiting the shop owned by a woman who's blog I follow.(
It was fun to meet the shop owner and let her know I enjoy her blog posts all the way in sunny California.

A warm bath after a hard days work:

We visited the farm where Elaine June was born. Here are the two spying in on the sheep:

Elaine June helped teach Blake to keep his hands out of the goose enclosure:

Dave (the father) helped build this tractor shed while he was at the farm:

The birth place:


Two mommies and their kids:

In order to clean up the house we had to plug the kids in:

Carolyn sent me this picture after she got home. This is the current farmhouse they live in and some recent snow. Isn't it just gorgeous? I have to admit that our weather here is much easier to maneuver around in (no hats or mittens constantly falling off). I do miss that quiet that comes when snow is falling.

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