Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Some Thoughts...

The election is over and for some their hopes were achieved and for some their hopes were shattered. I myself am happy to see and hear new ways of thinking. I understand this new administration will have its fair share of issues, but can't we wait until something is actually done before we start judging it?

So on that note, I can't sit still any longer without voicing my concern with what I have heard on the radio and seen on TV. The racial arguments are starting to get to me so I just want to say this one thing. Have we forgotten that being President of the United States is a job. Have we forgotten how far we have come in creating equality in the workplace? Why is it okay to suddenly bring race into this position? To me, the issue at hand has more to do with someone's qualifications than how they look (Sarah Palin, ahem) or what color their skin is. It is illegal to base decisions regarding employment and housing on race alone.

All I ask is for each one of you to challenge the concept of racism. Yes, I agree human nature has a deep rooted history of keeping gene pools selective, but there are enough of us on this planet to show diversity can survive and exist together. Drop your racism at the door please (at least mine).

Okay, my rant is over and remember that these are my thoughts so don't judge Andrew in regards to my emotional blogging!

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