Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello from Ireland

I'm over here in Dublin now for the week. I arrived at 8:30am Sunday Dublin time, which is about 12:30am Sunday back home.

I spend the first day just walking around like a zombie, figuring out where my Hotel was, getting lunch, and wandering the streets. Then I slept from 2pm Dublin time until 8am Dublin time, with a short 3 hour break for TV in the middle (mmmm... British sitcoms).

Fun things I've noticed so far:
- There are a ton of cafe's, and most only seem to be open during the week
- All of the bars look the same from the outside (old style stone building has a corner on the first floor of it with wood paneling and gold lettering saying "PERSON's Tavern/Bar/Pub/etc").
- Even though someone is speaking English, you can't necessarily understand them.

I'd have pictures, but I forgot my card reader in my Hotel room. I'll post some tonight/tomorrow.

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