Monday, September 29, 2008


On Saturday, we drove up to Napa for our friend's wedding. The bride and groom worked with Andrew back at the Labs. I couldn't believe it was in the high nineties (too bad I thought I was being fashionable by wearing a sweater dress and chunky heels!). The wedding was great and the food was delicious.

Blake posing before we went in:

Chris and Jenn walked down the isle together:

They got married in the vineyard behind the restaurant where they hosted the reception:

Sealed with a kiss:

Now official:

The happy couple:

Andrew was too far back and didn't want to fight the crowd for a good picture. Danika made their wedding cake. It was chocolate/raspberry on the bottom and lemon poppyseed in the middle:

Danika and Peter:


Blake would have played in the fountain, but it had tons of bees hanging out on the edges:

Blake learned about grapes on the vine:

Yesterday (Sunday) Andrew went surfing at his new favorite spot in Santa Cruz. We go to the beach at around 4pm so Andrew could enjoy the waves at low tide.



and away:

Blake checking out daddy up close. Andrew is one of those wetsuit specks:

Daddy rides again:

He caught us gawking at him:

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