Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grandpa David and Grandma El Visited

On Sunday night, David and Ellen came into town and stayed with us until Monday night. David worked from the Sunnyvale office while Ellen and I bumped around Los Gatos with Blake. It was great to have them and Blake loved having two friends who wanted to play with him all the time.

David teaching Blake to stand up.

Blake loving it.

Look at those fat lines (err muscles).

Blake wants to grow up big and strong like Grandpa.

Grandma El gave Blake a super baby massage after bathtime (lucky guy).

The Hursts.

I had Ellen and David come up with some boy baby names in case Blake ever had a brother. I want to keep the initials the same as Blake's. So far my favorite name has been Bentley Wright Hurst. The Wright is David's middle name. Everyone has disliked Bentley (I love it), but Branch came up and I love that. So Branch Wright Hurst it is for now. I know people will roll their eyes at my name decisions, for I never do anything with the grain!

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