Saturday, October 4, 2008

Perfect Pumpkin Picking

I called my friend Megana today and she mentioned a local Harvest Fair in San Jose. Andrew and I decided to meet up with her and her children to search for the perfect pumpkin. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the fair because there was an accident on the freeway (she was in the car two exits behind us) so the traffic was horrible on I-280 and it was pouring down rain. Andrew and I decided to forge on through the bad traffic (the accident was about a mile ahead of us so we got by it within minutes) and brave the rain. We couldn't believe we were putting Blake through all of this for his first pumpkin patch. Best of all, we didn't even have a camera. So here are some photos taken with my cell phone. We had a great time and hopefully none of us will come down with pneumonia.

Outside the pumpkin patch area:

Too wet to sit on the hay bales:

At least I had Blake in his ghost socks (they say Boo) and I just happened to have a green, fleece pullover in his diaper bag so he looked like a pumpkin:

Daddy and Blake searching high and low:

That one, no that one:

Blake near the cow:

Surprised when the cow moo'd:

Big piggy:

Blake just liked sucking on the pumpkin:

We drank some of the best fresh apple juice we have ever had. Happy pumpkin patching to all of you.

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Caroline said...

Aw, fun! I almost took the kids I babysit there on Saturday, but it was pouring! We took a little stroll in downtown Willow Glen and got trapped in Longs b/c it was raining so hard.

I love that on the impromptu trip Blake managed to have on Halloween socks and a very pumpkin-like outfit on. Adorable!