Sunday, September 14, 2008

Horse Barn Visit

Last week, I visited the horse barn where I worked right before I got pregnant with Blake. They moved to a new location so I brought Skyla, Aiden, Danika, and Jocelyn with me to check out the new digs. I didn't get any pictures of the horses because I had a squiggly kid in my arms, but hopefully Skyla or Danika captured some horse moments and will email me copies.

Here is Aiden driving a tractor with Gari (Sklya is playing Ms. Farm Princess USA). Aiden did such a great job raising and lowering the scoop all by himself. The video below demonstrates his talent.

Skyla is pregnant with a little girl and is six months along. Seeing her baby bump was really fun.

Here I am with my little cowboy. Blake didn't show too much enthusiasm for the horses, but I am sure he is looking forward to all the mutton bustin' in his near future. I dressed him in his horse onesie and his socks are mock cowboy boots. All I needed was the hat, but I didn't have enough time to crochet him a ten gallon cowboy hat.

The video:

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