Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life Is Good

Three decades have passed me by and I am thankful for so much. I have learned so much, yet I feel like "real" life has only just begun. Just when I think I know it all, life throws you curve balls that give you the opportunity to grow and excel. Here is a list of things I look back on and smile about:

1. My loving family. They have always supported me and listened to my opinions (that takes a lot of patience, I know).
2. Running for class president in sixth grade and losing to the most popular boy by only a few votes.
3. Helping a girl with her horse at horse camp only to have him bend around and bite me in the thigh. I ended up winning the horse competition with that darn horse.
4. My Grandmother's unconditional love and all of those fox trot lessons we shared in the family room.
5. Being so happy when my father said we could keep the stray cat we found at the bus stop (RIP Molly).
6. The memories of pudding and playing with the cutest, wooden doll furniture at my Grandparent's house.
7. Stacking floor cushions in the hallway so my sister and I could jump over them for hours and hours.
8. Being part of a best friend triangle that allowed us to feel untouchable.
9. Calling my mother at work thinking rats were in our guinea pig's cage only to learn she was having babies.
10. Playing soccer in elementary school. In Shannon fashion, I would sit on the field during games and gossip with the goalie. That is multitasking if you ask me.

11. Running track in junior high and really thinking I was going to make it to the Olympics one day.
12. All of the memories my father and I shared regarding basketball. He was my coach and number one supporter even though I wasn't that great!
13. Surviving high school with a smile on my face. You really do face some tough challenges, but man did I have fun doing it.
14. Doing gymkhana on draft horses. I will never forget sitting atop Debbie when the sun was setting and watching the cherry blossoms blow in the wind. I felt very connected right at that moment.
15. My mother driving me and my friends to a country line dancing club through the most horrible fog on Friday evenings. Those memories are hilarious, but man my mom was strong to be able to let her youngest daughter find her independence.
16. Driving the 1978 Volvo. I loved that car.
17. Working for the best physician on this planet. Even though I hated everything medical, I had his files in tip top shape.
18. Voting for the first time. Who knows how I voted back then, but I am sure I was trying to save the environment.
19. Only missing one question on my brain exam in my Physiological Psychology class. I got the highest score and absolutely loved dissecting the sheep brains. I will never forget Dr. Murikami and how he made psychology so much fun.
20. Moving away to college. I thought I was going to party and get great grades just like I had been doing in junior college. Boy was it a shock when I got to UCDavis. I had to step up my game a little bit.

21. Meeting the man of my dreams.
22. Moving across the country for an internship on a farm.
23. Realizing I have to grow up and be responsible for myself.
24. Four wheeling with my Jeep Wrangler.
25. Marrying the man of my dreams.
26. Being a Nanny and all the fun that came with that title.
27. Learning that it is okay to live life the way I want to. I finally reined in my insecurities and now know to put myself first and chill out about the world.
28. Visiting Europe: eating chocolate in Switzerland, drinking Absinthe in Prague, and walking the canals of Venice at night.
29. Gave birth naturally to my wonderful son. The love I have for my husband, son, and two dogs is so amazing and I thank my lucky stars for all I have everyday. They are the best.
30. Imagining what tomorrow brings.

Cheers to everyone's next thirty! Okay, I have to admit it is hard for me to think my baby will be thirty someday and I want him to stay a baby forever, but I am working on pushing my overprotective thoughts aside so he can grow.

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Shannon said...

I forgot to mention how much I value all of my past and present friendships. Without them, getting through day to day life wouldn't be as much fun.