Monday, June 9, 2008

Beach Days

My friend Miriam and her boyfriend Daniel came and stayed with us this weekend so we could go surfing in Santa Cruz on Sunday. Miriam is from Germany and had never surfed before, but Andrew played instructor and helped her experience the California surf. She had a blast and is ready to take on more waves.

Here Andrew is showing her the ropes on a makeshift sand surfboard.

The three of them are off to hang ten.

Blake spent a good three hours wrapped in a blanket snoozing away. The poor guy got sunburned cheeks because I forgot that the umbrellas don't offer full sun protection. Doctors say you shouldn't use sunscreen on babies under six months, but this beach babe needs more help than his hat since we tend to stay out all day.

Andrew catching a wave.

Riding it in.

Miriam got up!

Dad and son/

The camera erased some of the pictures so this is the only one of the two of us that survived. We look like crazy tourists.

The weather was perfect and we had to take a late evening stroller ride to Walgreens to buy new aloe vera gel because all of us got sunburned. It wouldn't be the first beach trip of the summer without us looking like lobsters around 10pm.

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Hurstmom's Blog said...

Looks like a great day at the beach. You pictures make me want to make a road trip!!!