Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Two Week Birthday Blake

Blake has been on the outside for two weeks now. He seems to enjoy his world (except for diaper changes) and loves to feed, feed, feed. He went to the pediatrician for the first time and got his first shot. We both cried! Breastfeeding has still been quite challenging for the both of us. A few days ago I got a blocked duct and yesterday it turned into mastitis. I am now on antibiotics and feel much better today. I am hoping we will get through these feeding issues in the next week or so to give ourselves a break. Since the weather is nice we are hoping to put out a towel on the back lawn and give Blake some naked baby time. We might follow that up with Blake's first bath. Andrew got his RC airplane in the mail yesterday so we will see if I can pull him away from his workbench for 20 minutes. I am sure you will see lots of pictures in the future of Blake in the stroller watching his daddy fly his airplane high in the sky.

Here is Blake after feeding in what my midwife calls a "milk coma."

bag 7.jpg

This morning I sat with both my babies.

bag 8.jpg

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