Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Switzerland from Shannon's eyes

Andrew spends most of his days working at Google so I thought I would share some tidbits with you about how I view Zurich. First of all, someone send me some designer clothing. The saying goes that the fancy restaurants in Old Town are there for the Bankers to take their fur-clad wives to so they can fret over where the next designer purchase will be made. I haven't seen any fur, but every mother is pushing a Bugaboo stroller (I mean every) and the older the man is, the younger the woman. Needless to say, I am searching high and low for a pair of silver ballet flats (a Zurich staple) costing less than $70. I have been searching for two days now and still can't find a resonable pair.

Now for the dogs. The dogs go in the CoOps (stores), the buses/trains, and in all the shops and stations. These aren't pampered dogs, but well loved ones. No one fusses over their dogs, but they definitely live right alongside their human counterparts.

It rains all the time and I love it. Half of the population carries umbrellas, but the rest of us just grin and bear it (I do with a smile).

In five minutes you will have ridden two bus lines, a train, and if you are lucky a trolley.

The chocolate is fabulous. They are really into chocolate shaped bugs. Oh, and I saw bug shaped bread too. The flies here are bigger than any I have seen before. I have only seen two though.

Andrew and I both need to lose weight so we can both wear the same skinny jeans and skinny sneakers. European men sure do know how to dress.

Everyone stares at me as if I have the plague. I have not seen one other person wearing flip flops. People kept staring at my exposed toes. Let's just say I now wear jeans, a cute top, and my black flats that Andrew almost made me leave at home.

That is my take for now. Keep checking out our picture gallery (link posted below) and I will add more "Shannonisms" later (I hope someone cares).

P.S. Happy Belated Mother's Day Mom. I forgot to say that on the phone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! I hope you're having a fabulous time! Shannon - you should go to a club some night and then you'll really see how well the men can dress. Eat some more chocolate for me:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Danika! I have been thinking of you all the time. How can you eat all this food. Some of it looks so weird. I tried to get some of Andrew's co-workers to take us out to a club, but they weren't interested. I guess that is what you get when you hang out with computer geeks. I am still going though.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're having fun, but don't give up on the flip-flops so easily! Oh, well, I guess we don't want you to be an Ugly American! Keep the stories coming.

Anonymous said...

Shannon & Andrew,
I liked the Shannonisms. Cute. And you're right about the dress "code", as it were. The Swiss are a bit uptight about uniformly fitting in. I hope you found your ballet shoes, and under $70. Probably found them back here, and for less, but could have used them there! It's definitely not the cheapest country in the EU, but it sounds like heavenly and a fun experience. Thanks,