Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chocoholic Rage

Guten Tag

I have consumed so much chocolate that I am on a constant chocolate high. I am not over-indulging, but feeding myself tiny morsels every few hours or so. Oh the bliss.

Here are some quick thoughts about Switzerland from the last two days:

* The toilet paper is so hard everywhere. Obviously, Charmin is not a Swiss brand.

* I wish all menus were in English (I know, selfish) because Andrew thought he was getting a hot dog and fries, but ended up with pork cutlets. Jokes on him.

* We are so spoiled because Switzerland has the best public transportation in the world. How will I do without my #9 and #76?

* Why can't our park restrooms have automatic sensored faucets and be clean?

* Today, we had to stop in a Starbucks to see what it was like. Ick. Pepper in cream cheese? What's that about? We bought: two bagels and cream cheese, one small coffee, and a banana chip frappacino. The grand total for our breakfast = $17. Got to love those francs!

Okay here are some pictures:

ISN'T THIS THE CUTEST BOAT HOUSE (from our Lake Zurich boat ride)

ANDREW AT CROSSROADS (We trekked over a wooden bridge in Rapperswil)

NOW I KNOW - Everyone is thin around here because you always walk everywhere and when you are walking, you are usually climbing stairs. These are the stairs we climb to get to our apartment. We climb 6 flights of really squeaky, wooden stairs. Thank goodness with all this chocolate eating. But to our defense, we barely eat anything else all day because the restaurants are so expensive and we order simple things we know how to say.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon and Andrew;

Just the chocolate alone would be grounds for going to Switzerland, wouldn't it? We never did hit Switz, but found prices can be high. And you're right about walking and the stairs. Good reason to travel lightly. No porters in those Zimmers. But so clean, and fresh looking. Thanks again for sharing your trip. It brings back fun memories. I love to travel-just a fun way to experience new cultures, people, food, and sticker shock!