Friday, May 18, 2007


I forgot to include the daily rundowns on my past posts. Here is what we have done.

Arrived in Zurich

Andrew worked
Shannon shopped downtown
We both went to the clock museum

Andrew worked
Shannon went to the Museum Bellvue, yarn shop, Freitag Handbag gift shop, shopping

Shannon visited an English speaking Day Care (Andrew's co-worker's girlfriend works there), went to the Botanical Gardens at the University of Zurich, stopped by the Skin Disease Museum, met up with Andrew and his co-workers for drinks

Thursday (European Holiday: Acension Day)
Slept in and both of us traveled to Rapperswil and crossed the 3/4 kilometer bridge and shopped downtown (rainy, rainy, rainy). Took the train back to Zurich and hopped on the last boat tour (1.5 hours) around Lake Zurich.

Took the train (1.5 hours) into Bern. What a great town and tons more to look at and experience than in Zurich. Met up with Andrew's co-worker and his girlfriend. They showed us around the whole town and we rode the smallest cable car up a hill (2 minute ride). We had drinks atop a plexiglass platform above a rushing river. We then walked downtown to eat dinner and of course stopped at a cafe to have coffee (since I don't drink coffee, I ate two desserts). After coffee (remember my desserts were substitutes for the coffee) we stopped at a gelato bar and ate ice cream. Rode the train back to Zurich.

Saturday: We plan to take the train to Luzern (Lucerne). I really hope we get to see those long horns they use in the Ricola ads. By the way, they sell tons of different types of Ricola in cute boxes. If anyone wants some let me know. We will post pictures later on from Bern and Luzern.

Sunday: Fly to Praha (Prague)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great photos guys! I hope your week of "vacation" is off to a great start. I miss our playdates but you'll be back soon enough, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Your itineraries are great! You sure can pack some sightseeing into a trip. But you had a great mix of fun, food and learning places. It makes me jealous; I want to go back to Europe. Awwwww. Maybe some day. Fun trip- what a great opportunity with Google to do this, and to add -on a fun trip too.